Tuesday Morning Minutes September 8th, 2020

Tuesday Morning Minutes September 8th, 2020
Posted on 09/08/2020

Dear ALC Parents and Guardians,

Good morning and welcome to our first Tuesday Morning Message of the 2020 school year. We hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Labor Day weekend.

ALC teachers, RECEs and EAs were back at school last week and engaged in three days of professional learning and we are well underway in our planning and set up to welcome your children back to school as safely as possible.  As we put the finishing touches on our parent handbook which we will be sending out next week, we would like to share some pieces of information for all the families of all ALC In-Person learners. 

Revised ALC School Organization

With approximately 140 ALC students participating in Remote Learning for the start of the school year, we have been directed to reconfigure our school organization and teaching assignments.  To that end, attached, please find our revised classes for the upcoming school year, with homeroom teacher names attached.  You will notice we are now staffed for 3 Kindergarten classes, one less EFI class and one less Regular English class than we had predicted in the Spring.  Mme Purcell, Mrs. Otchere and Ms. Weese’s names are not appearing on our school organization as they have been seconded to the Virtual School this fall, along with Mme Selami, and our new hire, Mrs Swanek from the Regular English side.  Not to worry, they all remain members of our ALC team and most will be on-site at ALC while teaching virtually.

ALC div and hrm teachers as of Sept 4 2020.docx 

A Progressive Start to the School Year

As was mentioned in our Director’s latest update email, elementary students attending in person will have a multi-day progressive start, beginning on September 16th.  The progressive start will provide all our staff and students the additional time we believe will be crucial for everyone to prepare learning spaces, and to finalize, understand and be comfortable with, the many new routines that will be a part of the normal school day.

On Wednesday, September 16th, ALC students will begin returning to school with our Primary students starting on Day 1, Junior students will be added on Day 2 and Intermediates will attend on Day 3. The specific grades and start days are listed at the end of this email in the Important Dates and Events section.


Ontario’s Ministry of Education has mandated that masks be worn by students in Grades 4 and up while inside the building, except while eating.  Younger students are also highly encouraged to wear masks while indoors. The OCDSB recommends masks be stored in a paper or Ziploc bag that has the student’s name written on it. We ask that parents and guardians begin to prepare their children for this reality and determine a plan for storing their mask while outside for recess/phys.ed/outdoor learning. This may be placing it in a pocket, a cloth bag attached to a belt loop or a fanny pack. There will not be a place outdoors to store masks so students will have to know where to keep them. Hanging them around their necks from lanyards is not allowed as this presents a serious choking hazard. We thank you in advance for helping prepare your child for this unusual situation.  Children are allowed to remove their masks once outside, as long as they stay two metres apart from others.  

Personal Items, School Supplies and Storage

All students will be storing their items at their desk.  This includes their backpack, lunch, sweater, and school supplies.  The school will have school supplies available for students. Some families prefer to buy them, and if so, this voluntary supply list provides an idea of the kinds of supplies that are used by grade.  Please note that school supplies cannot be shared between students in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. If a student brings their own supplies, they should be labelled and stored in a pencil case (or a resealable plastic bag) for personal use and we would ask that they be kept to a minimum (ie. no need for 30 HP pencils and/or 100+ crayons at a time)  and replenished throughout the year. . 

All students are however to bring a full water bottle labelled with their name daily to school.  All OCDSB water fountains have been turned off and our one water bottle filling station will be in high demand.  We have ordered two more filling stations for the school but until they are installed, families will need to send in full water bottles every day.

Hand sanitizer will be provided by the Board.  If you choose to send in a personal hand sanitizer bottle with your child, please ensure that it is scent free in order to comply with our OCDSB scent- free policies.

To begin the year, students will wear their outdoor shoes all day.  It is imperative that your child dress for the weather as we will be outside for recess unless it is raining very hard and all gym classes will be held outdoors.  On rainy days, please send your child to school wearing their rain boots and with a pair of shoes in their backpack for indoor use that day.  The indoor shoes will return home with the child at the end of the day.  The Board will be revisiting this decision when the weather changes.

Morning Drop off and After School Pick up

We are anticipating a significant increase in traffic around the school this fall as many families will be driving their children to and from ALC. To help support safer school zones and make everyone’s trip to and from school a success, we are asking all ALC families who plan to drive to and/or from school this fall to please park 5 to 10 minutes away from the school and walk the rest of the way.  OSTA has created multiple resources and tools, like walking route maps, for parents and children to download and use and can be found here:


Walk-a-Block maps are designed to encourage parents who drive their children to school, to park 5 to 10 minutes away from the school and walk the rest of the way. The maps identify 400 and 800 metre radiuses around the school. They also identify neighbourhood street names, pathways and potential quiet places to park. We will communicate the entry point to the yard for all students walking to school and/or being dropped off/picked up in next week’s MMM. Thank you for doing your part to keep all ALC students safe.

ALC Remote Learning Families

For those ALC families who have selected Remote Learning, we want to remain in touch!  Our MMMs are being uploaded to the ALC website this year so that families of students who are part of the Elementary Virtual School can stay up to date with ALC information and events.

Important Dates and Events:

Sept 10 and 11 - virtual Kinder Intake meetings for Year 1 (JK) and new Year 2 (SK) families

Weds, Sept 16 - All Gr 1-3 students attend school

Thurs, Sept 17 - All Gr 1-6 students attend school as do all Year 1 Kindergarten (JK), and students in year 2 Kindergarten (SK) that are enrolled in the Extended Day Program (EDP)

Fri, Sept 18 - All ALC Kinder to Grade 8 students attend school

And finally, as per past practice, families will receive an email indicating their child’s new division and homeroom teacher name prior to their first day of school.  We will also be including details about where the child is to meet their teacher.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Rainer and Sandra Hutt

ALC Principal and Vice Principal

A Lorne Cassidy Elementary School
27 Hobin Street
Stittsville, ON K2S 1G8
Phone 613-831-3434
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